When eating elephant, take one bite at a time.
Creighton Abrams

I’m going to start writing again.

This site started to be my mental outlet. It was a platform for me to process and organize my thoughts. My digital diary.

To be honest, I don’t know who reads thisI think I stopped writing because I came to the realization that I didn’t know who was reading the blog. At one time, I had 100s of people hitting this site every day and I was writing some really personal things. Keep in mind that I started this before facebook and instagram, before oversharing was commonplace. Then came the pressure of writing something readable… I started writing for other people, and it stopped being my outlet.

Later, this site became less of a blog, and more of a place where I could test some things I learned. For example, since my last post I’ve played with –

  • Simple stuff like embedding video with html5 video tag (mouseover the second picture in the sidebar).
  • CSS transitions (mousing over the post box will extend a shadow).
  • Connections with other services (when visiting this site, a red light blinks on my desktop blink(1) git)

That’s why you might have notices changes on this site but my kindle was perpetually on fire.

Welcome to my digital playgroundBut now, I think is as good of time as any to start writing again. I just left my first real 9-5 (actually 10-8) tech job and I think it’ll be interesting to figure out where I end up next. I’ve always wanted to write about my growth as a cs student/worker because I think it’s a vastly uncertain time for a lot of computer science people.

So from here on, here’s the site’s creed.

  • I’ll be writing about little things I just learned. I’m a firm believer of Kaizen. Learning new things can be daunting. Kaizen is about always learning. One liter of water = 4,000 drips from the faucet
  • What I write about may not be interesting. Because I won’t focus on anything in particular, this blog will probably go all over the place. But the main topics may involve software engineering, programming, smart phones, android, baseball and tech.

A little about me

  • By trade, I’m a software engineer.
    • I prefer the backend because it lets me say that I like backend, but I’m comfortable making a mess of the front-end if need be.
    • Java is probably my language of choice. I love it for the beauty that can come from clean, well-designed, object-oriented, strongly-typed, works-everywhere code. I hate it for the verbosity and the pain it sometimes takes to get running.
    • I’m liking node.js for being everything java is not, but disliking it for everything that’s not like java.
  • In my free time, you’ll find me catching a baseball game or really any sport, coding, playing my guitar, at church, eating good food or driving in my car.

If you’re looking for more personal things about me, become my friend on facebook, twitter, check out my resume or visit the tumblr run by Jess.

If you’d like to contact me, it’s probably best to do it through email. I get email @ gmail.com.